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Inheriting  a true treasure

Words cannot say how greatful I am, to have inherited a schacht baby wolf loom. I am excited to share photos of this beautiful workhorse.  Learning how to weave has always been on my list of things to do. My fascination with tea towels is a direct link. Now that I have this awesome tool, there will be lots of weaving going on here, to make dish towels.

Having absolute zero knowledge of how to weave, a huge transition and learning curve is before me! I am thrilled to embrace this age old craft!

(LOTS of you tube videos started the night this loom came into my house)

Having been stored for a few years she needed a little cleaning.  The rods on the harnesses needed a good sanding to remove the rust. Other then that, a good wipe down and a bit of bees wax to condition the wood was all that had to be done. We did remove the purple warp that was on it.




After sanding…. I also wiped the rods with a little wd40. Now, the heddles glide with ease.



My weaving journey begins- warping, dressing the loom, sleying the reed, threading the heddles, winding the beams, sett, epi- this is only the beginning.

Have you ever looked at a weaving pattern? Oh my!

Thank you Kathy, for helping a girl out. This loom is a true treasure, and I am over the moon to have received it!

Be happy …and have a happy life crafting!


Stampin up 2016 retired list 

Stampin up is getting ready to launch the catalog for 2016-2017. What does that mean?



It means that there are many products that will be retiring.

Click on this link:  Retired items to take a look at what is going away, the never to be seen again stamp sets and other stamping products.

There are also many items that are 50% off….. Now is the time to take advantage of the special offers.

Here are a few cards we made in our ” bringing birthdays back ”  stamp class,  recently.

All products used to make these cards are available on my website. Or you can click on the individual products below or link above and shop stamps.

Fancy fold.


Tri-fold and gift tag :


Four fun cards using the same stamp set. Endless Birthday Wishes.


Be happy … and have a happy life crafting!


Product List

Banner Punch


Cedar bottom chest of drawers 

Here is another up cycled chest of drawers. It’s the perfect place for your hand crocheted or knit sweaters, shawls, scarfs and countless other items.

The chest has aromatic cedar lined drawers to help keep the moths away. Can you think of a better place to store your treasured hand made items?

This fiber artist chest is yours for the taking. It will be displayed at the Maryland sheep and wool festival on May 7-8; in the Whispering Woodturners  booth, located in the main building.

Hmm….it may make a great Mothers day gift for someone.



I used Anne Sloan chalk paint and wax. The colors are gray with dark antiquing.


image : to help keep the earth beautiful!

Be happy and, have a happy life crafting.

Janette Boas


Avi is off the needles

It is with great anticipation that I can announce; Avi is officially off the needles. I’m ashamed to say, I started this adorable pattern, 3 years ago. It’s one of those projects that your excited to start and finish …. And then you hit a glitch.

All I had left to do is mattress stitch up the the arm seams and …. Are you ready for this, take the 6 stitches under each arm (that I was instructed to put on stitch holders) and Kitchener them together…… That was the glitch. When I put the stitches on holders, I followed the directions and feeling perplexed, I told myself to not get discouraged- keep on knitting- don’t let a little detail no matter how unfamiliar it was, turn this beautiful sweater into a UFO…so, I kept knitting until all the knitting was done.

Then it was time to Kitchener under the arms. I Kitchener the toes of my socks all the time…. But some how this spot turned into a glitch for almost 3 years. I had never Kitchener stitched armholes before.

imageAvi, became a UFO until last week. With a little Kitchener and sewing side seams she was done. The sweater was originally intended for my granddaughter Reagann. ( I started and stopped this project while she was in mommies tummy) Of course the sweater being to small  for her now, Is going to Reaganns cousin Karolina, who is one. She has beautiful brunette hair and the purple will look lovely on her.




The blocking stage….


Things have a way of working out……!

I am satisfied with the results and feel a sense of accomplishment putting Avi behind me.

Avi can be found on …..

Be happy and have a happy life crafting!

Janette Boas

A home for all knitted items

After shopping at several thrift stores and antique places, looking for a dresser I could revamp, to hold all my hand knitted items, I found this dresser at goodwill for $39.95. It sat in the garage for several months waiting for its transformation.

Not sure of the technique I wanted to use, I learned that chalk paint was a popular method. Anna and Joseph chalk painted Karolinas crib,which turned out beautiful. A friend from knitting was sharing pictures of a few pieces that she transformed that also turned out great. I was definitely inspired to look further into the chalk paint method of restoration.

I decided to visit the local Annie Sloan, chalk paint store and it was ” WOW”. My inspiration turned into “must do it now”. I was 100% motivated to get that dresser ready to house all of my knitted cowls, socks, and scarves.

Steves part of the plan was to replace the bottoms of each drawer with red cedar.  He was also thrilled to know that the dresser would finally be leaving the garage. With both of us ready and willing, the task began. He graciously replaced the bottoms of the drawers with cedar, and I started  the painting and waxing. Before long the dresser was finished.

image image

image image

image   image

image image

image image

image image



Crafting of any kind is fun and rewarding. The dresser turned out shabby chic. I highly recommend using chalk paint on your next project.  Here is a quick, sneak peek of how I painted the dresser.

I really like how it turned out….. And am grateful for the help of my hunky, who took the project over the top by adding the cedar bottoms.  Now I have all my knitted clothing in one spot and the cedar will keep the moths off the wool. I’m adding a few lavender sachets, which also keep wool eating bugs away.

Be happy …. And have a happy life crafting.








Finding Hidden Treasures

Steve and I consider anything we do together a date. It keeps us sharing with each other, what we both like to do. This weekend we went to an estate sale that was recommended by a friend of mine, who enjoys papercrafting as much as I do. This estate sale had art supplies from a lady, who’s creative side had no limits. 

It was amazing. We went on the second day, so of course things were picked over, however there was still tons of stuff left. As I walked the rows, going through each box, I was amazed by her collection. Creative memories, Stampin up, Tim holts, sizzix, inks, refills, stamps upon stamps, stickers, dies, brand new big shots….. Then knitting supplies, yarn, needles, etc…… Then painting supplies….jewelry making supplies… Oh, the Swarovski crystal collection …..I couldn’t count how many sewing machines…. Doll making supplies…. Paper…. Material, beautiful prints and fat quarters for quilting ; A whole wall all color coordinated, like you would find in the store. On the back porch there was floral arranging materials, with lots of flowers. It was a crafters dream.

I imagined this precious women, who obviously had a love for creating. There was all her stuff, for the taking….. I looked at Steve and said “this will be me someday ” and he said “yes”. I kept plucking along, rummaging through looking for little treasures. Then I found a mini book she had made with Graphic 45 paper. A sadness came over me because  no one in her family, had claimed that book as their own. Of course my mind wandered off to wonder, if my own kids would find joy in some of the creations I leave behind, when I go. I  picked it up and carefully thummed through each page. Reading the sweet messages that had been carefully adhered to the pages. As Steve stood there very quietly watching me look at and admire each page, I said to him ” I can’t believe no one took this, its beautiful,  I need a new address book anyway” ( I accidently threw mine in the trash late last year.) Steve replied with ” how much are they asking for it ” It was only $3.00. I know the paper, used to make it was atleast $25.00. What a cherishable bargain. 

We bought the book.  Steve told me later, when he was paying for my selected items, while I continued to rummage, the lady ringing him up commented on nice the book was;  He proceeded to tell her that his wife was surprised that no one in the family kept it, and let her know that the book was going to someone who enjoys making the same type of books, and will appreciate it very much. 




This photo here, shows a hand written name and address…..I can only guess that she wanted  to remember where she bought this kit from, or she wanted the person who got the book, to know where it originated from. I went to the website…. They sell beautiful mini book kits. 




 After a quick glimpse of our future ….. We stopped at this little place and had breakfast. It was all worth the drive, and of course my company was awesome!  


You never know where life will take you, what you will learn, or what little treasures you will find along the way. 

Be happy …. And have a happy life crafting.

Thank you Janice, for the tip on the estate sale.


Switching Gears

This has been a whirlwind week and it’s coming to a screeching halt. Company on Monday, card class on Tuesday, knitting on Wednesday, re- grouped on Thursday….. Friday,  was celebrate international doughnut day with my number 3 grandson, Gavin. 

We had a very special day together that started at Dunkin Donuts. ( no photos) He then helped me pick out summer beach, vacation, toys at wallmart, for our upcoming Florida trip.  

He is a delightful child and extremely helpful. He told me, that man, who drives the big brown truck, brought him his new flip flops….. And wanted to know what will happen when the postman runs out of mail to deliver? 

When I forgot my phone  at home, he panicked and urged me to go back for it. Of course, I explained to him that there was a time when we didn’t have portable phones,  and everything was going to be ok. Well……no phone = no pictures. “see,  Grandma you should have gone back to get it”.  Oh, the conversations we have..

 Once I sat down for the evening to relax, I couldn’t put the knitting needles down. I finished the cowl I was working on. I’ll share pictures and pattern info, after I block it. I’m stuck on knitting……Does anyone else out there, get stuck on different crafts? I was on a paper binge, now I’m on a knitting binge. I typically try to balance my time, between all the things I love to do. However, every now and then something distracts me. 

With Stampin up it was the new catalog launch….now its this yarn I bought while in Kentucky, from Wolles cotton creations, I think I’m obsessed.  It’s 4 ply cotton with a beautiful color way,  called rose hips 2. I found a pattern that will work perfect with the yarn. The pattern is Reverse  Psychology and can be purchased on Ravelry for $5.00. This pattern can be knit with beads or without. I have chosen the bead option. Here are a few pictures of the yarn, beads and the little piece I’ve started.  


Doesn’t this yarn look irresistible? 


The pattern is very simple. I’ve only knitted a few rows, but the pattern is well written and easy to understand so far. 


My project awaits…… 

Enjoy whatever gear you get stuck in…..

Be happy…. And have a happy life crafting.


Little hands and stages

Today was a special treat…. Our #3 Grandson Gavin, had his completion of Kindergarten, celebration. The class did a chorus presentation, an award ceremony, where the kids walked down the red carpet to receive personalized awards, and a little brunch for the families. Gavin was presented with the “Future Detective” award. Very appropriate for this little guy; He always knows the who, what, where, and why of everyone and everything. I say that with the utmost affection for him. He has an infectious smile, that lights up a room and can brighten anyone’s day.  


Selfie ……Mommy and me with all three. Cheeeeeese!  It always cracks me up how the little ones automatically say cheese when the camera comes out…..and its the long, drug out version, cheeeeeeeeese. 


Walking down the hallway to Gavin’s class, I saw this banner outside their room. 
 This sign brought tears to my eyes. Life is a journey …..when you are little you can’t wait for time to pass. When is next Christmas? How soon will my next Birthday be?  Am I starting school this year?  How tall am I now?  Are my teeth going to fall out, too? Do you remember always looking forward to what was going to happen next ?  Now that I am older, I spend a lot of time reflecting back. I look back on the days when my kids were young, remembering their growing up years…..Time moves slower when your looking forward with expectation.

  This banner took me straight back…… The little hand prints  ……. So cute and small. Holding them to cross the street. Wiping them to keep clean. Kissing them because they were so sweet….Where does the time go? So many memories.

I always say that life happens in stages. Just as many of you reading this blog, I too have gone through many stages …. Some good, some bad……I wouldn’t trade those stages for anything. I am truly grateful for this stage of my life, commonly called the empty nest stage. It means, that I graduated to the next stage. It means, that I get to do things that I often didn’t have time to do, before. It means, that I have new hands to kiss, wipe and hold, little,cute hands…..  

 Congratulations Gavin, for graduating to your next stage…… And giving your Grandma something to look forward to.

Sweet dreams….

Be happy….and have a happy life crafting