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Switching Gears

This has been a whirlwind week and it’s coming to a screeching halt. Company on Monday, card class on Tuesday, knitting on Wednesday, re- grouped on Thursday….. Friday,  was celebrate international doughnut day with my number 3 grandson, Gavin. 

We had a very special day together that started at Dunkin Donuts. ( no photos) He then helped me pick out summer beach, vacation, toys at wallmart, for our upcoming Florida trip.  

He is a delightful child and extremely helpful. He told me, that man, who drives the big brown truck, brought him his new flip flops….. And wanted to know what will happen when the postman runs out of mail to deliver? 

When I forgot my phone  at home, he panicked and urged me to go back for it. Of course, I explained to him that there was a time when we didn’t have portable phones,  and everything was going to be ok. Well……no phone = no pictures. “see,  Grandma you should have gone back to get it”.  Oh, the conversations we have..

 Once I sat down for the evening to relax, I couldn’t put the knitting needles down. I finished the cowl I was working on. I’ll share pictures and pattern info, after I block it. I’m stuck on knitting……Does anyone else out there, get stuck on different crafts? I was on a paper binge, now I’m on a knitting binge. I typically try to balance my time, between all the things I love to do. However, every now and then something distracts me. 

With Stampin up it was the new catalog launch….now its this yarn I bought while in Kentucky, from Wolles cotton creations, I think I’m obsessed.  It’s 4 ply cotton with a beautiful color way,  called rose hips 2. I found a pattern that will work perfect with the yarn. The pattern is Reverse  Psychology and can be purchased on Ravelry for $5.00. This pattern can be knit with beads or without. I have chosen the bead option. Here are a few pictures of the yarn, beads and the little piece I’ve started.  


Doesn’t this yarn look irresistible? 


The pattern is very simple. I’ve only knitted a few rows, but the pattern is well written and easy to understand so far. 


My project awaits…… 

Enjoy whatever gear you get stuck in…..

Be happy…. And have a happy life crafting.