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The 43 Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool 

It’s that time again. We are crazy busy,  buzzing around prepping and packing  to get on the road again.

Our next stop is the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. The show is next weekend in West Friendship, Maryland. If you are in the Maryland area please stop by and say hello.

Steves’ passion for turning and the ever useful “yarn Swirlette” inspired the birth of our small business, The Whispering Woodturner. Steve collects wood from all over the country to make yarn bowls, and yarn swirlettes. If you ever stop in at one of our shows, you are sure to hear stories, and learn about the history of the various bowls. The ” Yarn Swirlette” is the first piece he made that was not only beautiful, but also practical to use by all yarn enthusiasts.

Here are a few pictures of our prep work.

Swirlette bases and spindles ready for assembly.


Finished bowls and blending boards ready for packing in boxes.


Cheese / bread boards, oiled and beautiful. We just recently added these to our  inventory.


Our new display for the novelty t-shirts that say, “Not buying yarn is like not breathing” .


Aromatic lavender, for sachets…..a great way to keep your wool,  free from bugs.


Buttons, and WPI tool, (wraps per inch )

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Cedar bottom chest of drawers 

Here is another up cycled chest of drawers. It’s the perfect place for your hand crocheted or knit sweaters, shawls, scarfs and countless other items.

The chest has aromatic cedar lined drawers to help keep the moths away. Can you think of a better place to store your treasured hand made items?

This fiber artist chest is yours for the taking. It will be displayed at the Maryland sheep and wool festival on May 7-8; in the Whispering Woodturners  booth, located in the main building.

Hmm….it may make a great Mothers day gift for someone.



I used Anne Sloan chalk paint and wax. The colors are gray with dark antiquing.


image : to help keep the earth beautiful!

Be happy and, have a happy life crafting.

Janette Boas


Horses and Bourbon

Steve and I are in the state known for horses and bourbon, good ole ‘ Kentucky. 

 The down pour of rain has not stopped the folks of Kentucky from coming out to the wool and fiber fair.    


We are thankful to be inside on this very, rainy day. 


Here’s a few pictures of our booth set up.

 Steve recently started turning darning eggs. If you don’t have your great grandmothers darning egg and you knit socks you could probably use one.  Here is the search info for a you tube video to see how to darn, hand knitted socks; Sock darning-Swiss darning, part 1 and sock darning -Swiss darning part 2. I’m on my I pad so I dont have the URL. When I get to a computer I will learn how to attach the URL and post it. 

  Enjoy your day from wherever you are ….who knows Steve and I may saddle up a horse after we sip some bourbon. 

Be happy …..and have a happy life crafting. 


A new beginning 

I’ve  decided to start a blog….. Thank you for subscribing or following. 

My name is Janette Boas and I am a Stampin’up demonstrator. I have recently reached supervisor status. Thank you Jackie Martin for helping me reach that goal. Interestingly enough my sister, Jackie is the one who introduced me to Stampin’up about 20 years ago. She hosted a class, which is where I bought my first stamp set, that I still have today. It turned out that I was a sloppy stamper. It seemed as though I would get ink everywhere except where it needed to be. My career with stamping, needless to say ended, until 2 years ago.
I have always scrapbooked and made cards, (amongst a couple and a few other things) but I did it without stamping. Now that I have mastered the art of stamping, more oppurtunities have been opened in the paper arts department. I’ll get into more of that later. I have never been a big collector of anything, until now. I can say with NO guilt, I am a proud collector of stamps. Thank you Stampin up…. thank You Beth for, sharing in this crazy addiction with me and thank you Kathleen for being a supportive upline. I also want to thank the ladies who come to my classes, who also help support my habit.

Stampin ‘ up is a company that makes paper crafting very easy. The papers, inks and embelishments are color coordinated, which helps simplify the planning process. Once you get past the initial inspiration stage you are ready to create without the extra thinking of what, goes with what. They have a wide array of stamps to choose from which makes card making for any occasion simple and fun. You can check out my Stampin’ up store by clicking the tab at the top of my page that says: Shop Now. Be sure to check out the weekly deals link under the shop now tab. 
We are leaving for Kentucky in the morning for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. My husband Steve, who I affectionately call “Hunky” has a hobbie as a Woodturner, which we were able to turn into a small business. I’ll be sharing more about that too. Meanwhile I need to get some sleep.

Sweet dreams

Be happy….. And have a happy life crafting!