Inheriting  a true treasure

Words cannot say how greatful I am, to have inherited a schacht baby wolf loom. I am excited to share photos of this beautiful workhorse.  Learning how to weave has always been on my list of things to do. My fascination with tea towels is a direct link. Now that I have this awesome tool, there will be lots of weaving going on here, to make dish towels.

Having absolute zero knowledge of how to weave, a huge transition and learning curve is before me! I am thrilled to embrace this age old craft!

(LOTS of you tube videos started the night this loom came into my house)

Having been stored for a few years she needed a little cleaning.  The rods on the harnesses needed a good sanding to remove the rust. Other then that, a good wipe down and a bit of bees wax to condition the wood was all that had to be done. We did remove the purple warp that was on it.




After sanding…. I also wiped the rods with a little wd40. Now, the heddles glide with ease.



My weaving journey begins- warping, dressing the loom, sleying the reed, threading the heddles, winding the beams, sett, epi- this is only the beginning.

Have you ever looked at a weaving pattern? Oh my!

Thank you Kathy, for helping a girl out. This loom is a true treasure, and I am over the moon to have received it!

Be happy …and have a happy life crafting!


12 thoughts on “Inheriting  a true treasure

  1. What a great gift! I started weaving on floor looms over 40 years ago, and have 2 Schacht looms now; one is a Baby Wolf. Feel free to ask me questions about any of the videos that you find at youtube and vimeo..

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  2. You’re very fortunate to start your weaving adventures with such a lovely loom. Good luck with the journey and remember that while many books and teachers insist or imply that their way is the only way, there’s often an alternative way that also works. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I have built up a small weaving reference library and would be happy to share my recommendations.

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    1. Thank you… I am thrilled to meet seasoned weavers. No better way to learn then sharing the craft.
      where do you recommend to buy beginning patterns… Dish towels. Can I use the peaches and cream cotton? I love my knitted and crochet dish cloths from that yarn… Will it work for towels?


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