Finding Hidden Treasures

Steve and I consider anything we do together a date. It keeps us sharing with each other, what we both like to do. This weekend we went to an estate sale that was recommended by a friend of mine, who enjoys papercrafting as much as I do. This estate sale had art supplies from a lady, who’s creative side had no limits. 

It was amazing. We went on the second day, so of course things were picked over, however there was still tons of stuff left. As I walked the rows, going through each box, I was amazed by her collection. Creative memories, Stampin up, Tim holts, sizzix, inks, refills, stamps upon stamps, stickers, dies, brand new big shots….. Then knitting supplies, yarn, needles, etc…… Then painting supplies….jewelry making supplies… Oh, the Swarovski crystal collection …..I couldn’t count how many sewing machines…. Doll making supplies…. Paper…. Material, beautiful prints and fat quarters for quilting ; A whole wall all color coordinated, like you would find in the store. On the back porch there was floral arranging materials, with lots of flowers. It was a crafters dream.

I imagined this precious women, who obviously had a love for creating. There was all her stuff, for the taking….. I looked at Steve and said “this will be me someday ” and he said “yes”. I kept plucking along, rummaging through looking for little treasures. Then I found a mini book she had made with Graphic 45 paper. A sadness came over me because  no one in her family, had claimed that book as their own. Of course my mind wandered off to wonder, if my own kids would find joy in some of the creations I leave behind, when I go. I  picked it up and carefully thummed through each page. Reading the sweet messages that had been carefully adhered to the pages. As Steve stood there very quietly watching me look at and admire each page, I said to him ” I can’t believe no one took this, its beautiful,  I need a new address book anyway” ( I accidently threw mine in the trash late last year.) Steve replied with ” how much are they asking for it ” It was only $3.00. I know the paper, used to make it was atleast $25.00. What a cherishable bargain. 

We bought the book.  Steve told me later, when he was paying for my selected items, while I continued to rummage, the lady ringing him up commented on nice the book was;  He proceeded to tell her that his wife was surprised that no one in the family kept it, and let her know that the book was going to someone who enjoys making the same type of books, and will appreciate it very much. 




This photo here, shows a hand written name and address…..I can only guess that she wanted  to remember where she bought this kit from, or she wanted the person who got the book, to know where it originated from. I went to the website…. They sell beautiful mini book kits. 




 After a quick glimpse of our future ….. We stopped at this little place and had breakfast. It was all worth the drive, and of course my company was awesome!  


You never know where life will take you, what you will learn, or what little treasures you will find along the way. 

Be happy …. And have a happy life crafting.

Thank you Janice, for the tip on the estate sale.


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