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“Kentucky” Fried, Finger Licking Good

A trip to Kentucky wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the second, most  popular fast food chain  in the world. Chicken, yummy, fried chicken. The Colonel still has the best chicken when homemade is not available, and I’m not afraid to admit that Kentucky Fried  Chicken is one of my weaknesses.

The coleslaw is my all time favorite, too. As much as I have tried to duplicate the coleslaw recipe I have not been as successful as I have been,  with most other recipes.  If any one reading this has a great coleslaw recipe they would like to share, I would certainly give it a try and encourage you to share it on happylifecrafting.  Because cooking is a craft… Right?

There was a time , not too long ago when the only place I could afford to spend money, was in a grocery store. Looking back, those were very special days, because I use to express my creative side in the kitchen. I poured my heart and soul into learning how to cook and prepare tasty dishes for my family. A value can never be placed, on the vast collection of  recipes in my pantry.   I’ll be collecting recipes until the end of my time and would really like to add a delicious coleslaw recipe to the collection So, please share.

Good bye Kentucky, good bye fiber festival , horses and bourbon….  But as long as the Colonels finger licking legacy lives on, I’ll be visiting his place at home, in Georgia ….

May the recipe collection in my kitchen, which reflects all the places I’ve been and the people who have touched my life, be a legacy to my children.

Here is a link if you would like to learn more about the Colonel and his Legacy.

Be happy…. And have a happy life crafting !