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The 43 Annual Maryland Sheep and Wool 

It’s that time again. We are crazy busy,  buzzing around prepping and packing  to get on the road again.

Our next stop is the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. The show is next weekend in West Friendship, Maryland. If you are in the Maryland area please stop by and say hello.

Steves’ passion for turning and the ever useful “yarn Swirlette” inspired the birth of our small business, The Whispering Woodturner. Steve collects wood from all over the country to make yarn bowls, and yarn swirlettes. If you ever stop in at one of our shows, you are sure to hear stories, and learn about the history of the various bowls. The ” Yarn Swirlette” is the first piece he made that was not only beautiful, but also practical to use by all yarn enthusiasts.

Here are a few pictures of our prep work.

Swirlette bases and spindles ready for assembly.


Finished bowls and blending boards ready for packing in boxes.


Cheese / bread boards, oiled and beautiful. We just recently added these to our  inventory.


Our new display for the novelty t-shirts that say, “Not buying yarn is like not breathing” .


Aromatic lavender, for sachets…..a great way to keep your wool,  free from bugs.


Buttons, and WPI tool, (wraps per inch )

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“On the Road Again”

The words of Willie Nelson…..those words have become the story of our life. Headed to Kentucky this morning, looking like the Beverly hillbillies. I have to say that Steve and I make good travel buddies. One requirement that is necessary to travel with my hunky is, you have to like singing… liking singing, that usually means listening to him sing. I chime in once in awhile. It certainly helps to pass the time. He always tells me he should try out for American idol. Oh, how I love that Man. (I think it’s to late for that now, with next season being the last.)

We should arrive in Kentucky about noon…..I will get quite a bit of knitting done. That’s one of the upsides of road trips. The Sanibel cowl I’m working on, will appropriately be named, Kentucky.

Have a great day

Be happy….and have a happy life crafting.