Little hands and stages

Today was a special treat…. Our #3 Grandson Gavin, had his completion of Kindergarten, celebration. The class did a chorus presentation, an award ceremony, where the kids walked down the red carpet to receive personalized awards, and a little brunch for the families. Gavin was presented with the “Future Detective” award. Very appropriate for this little guy; He always knows the who, what, where, and why of everyone and everything. I say that with the utmost affection for him. He has an infectious smile, that lights up a room and can brighten anyone’s day.  


Selfie ……Mommy and me with all three. Cheeeeeese!  It always cracks me up how the little ones automatically say cheese when the camera comes out…..and its the long, drug out version, cheeeeeeeeese. 


Walking down the hallway to Gavin’s class, I saw this banner outside their room. 
 This sign brought tears to my eyes. Life is a journey …..when you are little you can’t wait for time to pass. When is next Christmas? How soon will my next Birthday be?  Am I starting school this year?  How tall am I now?  Are my teeth going to fall out, too? Do you remember always looking forward to what was going to happen next ?  Now that I am older, I spend a lot of time reflecting back. I look back on the days when my kids were young, remembering their growing up years…..Time moves slower when your looking forward with expectation.

  This banner took me straight back…… The little hand prints  ……. So cute and small. Holding them to cross the street. Wiping them to keep clean. Kissing them because they were so sweet….Where does the time go? So many memories.

I always say that life happens in stages. Just as many of you reading this blog, I too have gone through many stages …. Some good, some bad……I wouldn’t trade those stages for anything. I am truly grateful for this stage of my life, commonly called the empty nest stage. It means, that I graduated to the next stage. It means, that I get to do things that I often didn’t have time to do, before. It means, that I have new hands to kiss, wipe and hold, little,cute hands…..  

 Congratulations Gavin, for graduating to your next stage…… And giving your Grandma something to look forward to.

Sweet dreams….

Be happy….and have a happy life crafting


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