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On and off the needles. 

I finished knitting the zu zu petal scarf. It is amazing…. It sort of reminds me of a dickey. Do you remember those? My Grandma, Beth Tebbetts gave me one as a gift. She did a lot of traveling when she was still with us and always brought my sisters and I interesting, practical gifts. I actually learned about many things from her. I admired her for being a smart, strong, and independent women.

 Back on the the zu zu petal scarf. I knitted it with 4 ply, wolles yarn creations, cotton. It is a very easy pattern and a quick knit. I am looking forward to wearing it once the weather cools down a bit.  

During the blocking stage, I only needed to pin the scalloped edge. It laid nice and flat without pinning the other sides.  


I’m happy to share this. If you are a knitter, I highly recommend this pattern. It can be found here.

The cotton can be found here. 

With Zu Zu’s off the needles, I can concentrate on what’s still on the needles. Almost done. 


Be happy…. And have a happy life crafting.