“On the Road Again”

The words of Willie Nelson…..those words have become the story of our life. Headed to Kentucky this morning, looking like the Beverly hillbillies. I have to say that Steve and I make good travel buddies. One requirement that is necessary to travel with my hunky is, you have to like singing…..by liking singing, that usually means listening to him sing. I chime in once in awhile. It certainly helps to pass the time. He always tells me he should try out for American idol. Oh, how I love that Man. (I think it’s to late for that now, with next season being the last.)

We should arrive in Kentucky about noon…..I will get quite a bit of knitting done. That’s one of the upsides of road trips. The Sanibel cowl I’m working on, will appropriately be named, Kentucky.

Have a great day

Be happy….and have a happy life crafting.  


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