Happy Memorial Day 

Today is about remembering those who committed their lives and died to fight for our country and freedom. We have the  privilege to freely go about our day celebrating, remembering that our freedom came at a price. We should also remember that tragedy can strike at any time, to anyone, anywhere. So, please while celebrating with friends and family today, take the time to be grateful for their lives, that they are still with us. Lets freely, celebrate life…..


This has been an eventful weekend….Steve and Robert our #1 grandson cut a few trees down that desperately needed to go. The fuller the trees get the more shade for our lawn, which equals dead grass. A job well done !

Brandie and I took a paint class together. It was a very, enjoyable. Brandie our #1, daughter and the mother of four of our grandchildren, doesn’t have much time to herself, so I consider this trip to Pinots Palatte  a real treat.   

Joseph our #2, son got a 101 painting lesson on a two story, high ceiling, bathroom.  Cutting in, on a high ladder was the technique of necessity.  Hunky saved the day…..I remember feeling disappointment when projects didn’t turn out quite how I thought…..home improvement projects can’t really be left up to Joseph’s definition of art, that I mentioned in my last post. I know he agrees with that!  I can’t wait to see the finished  bathroom.

A little card fun… A sneek peak for sure. Using the new DSP, card stock and backround stamp from the ….. Set.  A maritime theme without red white and blue ….

Yard work and more yard work…………all work and no play can make anyone a dull boy!

Lake Lanier here we come! Here is to family, food, friends, freedom, life……and remembering all the fallen soldiers, country men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.

Enjoy responsilbly….

Be happy……and have a happy life crafting !


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